Our Custom Crafted Dog Knee Brace Is Much More Effective Than A Ready To Wear Or A Soft Dog ACL Brace.

Posh Dog Knee Brace  Posh Dog Knee Brace

The No-Casting Posh Dog Knee Brace: We Made The Cast, An "Ordeal" Of The Past.

Posh Dog Knee BraceWhen a person buys a custom-fitted suit, the tailor does not wrap their whole body in a cast to get an "accurate mold" of their body. Using that logic, we asked, "why is casting needed to get an accurate mold of a dogs leg?". Using innovative, closely guarded technology, we eliminated the archaic, outdated casting process back in July 2015, after receiving many hundreds of defective casted molds from vets and customers of dogs legs. After over six months of research and trial and error, we developed an innovative technique that truly captures the topography of a Dog's leg much more accurately than any casted mold could ever achieve.

Our proprietary process (under our included Veterinary Technician supervision on a live video call), includes getting 10 simple-to-take measurements, 4 simple-to-get pics, and other proprietary data, but with NO casting. We then make a truly custom, very accurate replica of your Dog's leg. Because our mold is exclusively made without casting, and because of the fact that it is much more accurate, this translates into a custom-fitted handcrafted stifle brace, which is much more comfortable and better fitting than casted braces. In July 2015, we also stopped making hard plastic braces, which virtually eliminated the need to send your Dog knee brace back to us for modifications. We alone, use a flexible, medical-grade plastic in our custom handcrafted Dog ACL braces, which means our Dog brace will fit your dog like a glove, with no rubbing or irritation issues.

Between this page, YouTube videos, our Facebook page, and our Facebook group, you'll find hundreds of examples of our Dogs who recovered from their injury wearing our exclusive no casting, superior fitting, custom handcrafted knee brace for Dogs!

Because we eliminated the archaic and defective casting ordeal, we can make a custom Dog knee brace, and get a custom Posh dog brace on your Dog in under a week. You don't have to spend $150 - $600, on a stressful trip to the veterinarian to have a cast made of your Dog. Most importantly, your injured Dog will not be stressed out, as with a trip to the vet. You'll get lots of licks for that!

All Dogs Are Wearing Our Exclusive No Casting, Flexible Shell Dog ACL Brace For Torn ACL In Dogs.

 What you need to know before buying a Dog ACL Brace:

  1. Make sure it is custom made to correctly fit your Dogs' leg
  2. The company assigns an experienced Veterinary Technician who provides personal one-on-one Email, phone and video support
  3. Who will help you and your Dog, every step of the way

We invest over 11 hours helping your Dog to recover from a painful injury. Most Dog knee brace companies do not offer this. In 2013, our Beloved Golden, Pasha, fully recovered from a completely torn CCL and severely damaged meniscus, with no surgery and a Posh Brace. ​We want to help your Dog as if your Dog were our own!


Custom-built Dog knee braces for your Dogs' leg are much more effective for healing a CCL injury than the cheaper "soft" and "ready to wear" braces. Before you invest in any brace for a torn ACL in Dogs, please review our detailed analysis of the important differences in quality, fit and customer service between Dog leg braces at our solutions page. You'll learn a lot!

Although A Custom Dog Knee Brace Is More Expensive Than The Cheaper Braces, It Is Much Less Expensive Than Surgery, With None Of The Expense, Pain, And Numerous Risks Surgery Causes.  Wearing A Posh Brace, Will Not Cause Infections, Sores, Or Drug Reactions (Often Fatal) Or Depression In Your Dog. Your Dog Begins To Walk And Enjoy Life Again And Recover Immediately.

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