Veterinarian Review

Veterinarian Review

Veterinarian Review See Dr. Michael Wright DVM, Consulting Veterinarian Discussing Our Dog Knee Brace, 
            As A 38 Year DVM Talks About Cruciate Surgery Versus Conservative Management And a Knee Brace For Dog 

Veterinarian Review  Watch Dr. Lori Weinstock DVM Offering Her Opinion Of Our Dog Brace On Her Own Dog.  

Veterinarian Review  Listen To Dr. Manta Loster, DVM, Discussing His Observation Of Our Knee Brace For Dogs.

 Veterinarian Review Click HERE For An Introduction To The Posh Brace With Paul Bourque, Certified Orthotist With 27 Years Experience

Veterinarian Review

We Make One Product: A Stifle Brace, And We Design And Fabricate Our Brace Better Than Any Other Company. Compare A Posh Brace With Any Other Custom Brace.  Not Only Is Our Posh Dog Knee Brace The Best, It's Also The Most Affordable, Fully Custom, Dog Knee Brace.  Since We've Been Through This Experience Ourselves, Our Customers Say Our Compassion And Attention To Their Injured Dog Is Unparalleled :)

Because Of Our Personal Experience, Our Advanced Flexible & Waterproof Dog Leg Brace Design, No Casting, & Our Personalized Service By Friendly & Compassionate Licensed Veterinary Technicians, We Help More Dogs With Cruciate Injuries Around The World, Recover With NO Surgery, Than Any Other Custom Dog Knee Brace Company.

​Please Read Our Success Stories, Look Through Our Site, And Visit Our Facebook Page. We Truly Want To Help Your Dog Recover. Thank You For Stopping By!

Veterinarian Review

Click HERE To See Our Posh Dog Knee Brace Being Fitted To A Dog And For Close-Up Views.

Click HERE To See How Easy It Is To Get 10 Simple Measurements Of Your Dogs' Leg, Using Our Proprietary NO Casting System. Don't Worry, One Of Our Veterinary Technicians Will Supervise You Getting The Measurements On A Live Video Call.

Veterinarian Review 

See What Posh Dog Knee Brace Customers Are Saying

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Our Commitment And Dedication To Help Your Dog Recover Holistically, As Ours Did, Includes This & More:

 Veterinarian Review We Help With Measuring & Fitting. One Of Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians Will Do A Live Video Call To Get 10 Easy Measurements & 4 Pics of Your Dog. You Just Do 15 Minutes Of Simple Prep Work First.
 Veterinarian Review Your Dogs' Custom Brace Is Expertly Made And Shipped In Only 2 To 5 Days, To Quickly Help Your Dog, Instead Of 3 - 4  Weeks Of Delay That Other Custom Dog Knee Brace Companies Have To Take For Making Their Braces From A Cast Of Your Dogs' Leg.  We Don't Require Casting.
 Veterinarian Review  Custom, Anatomically Correct, Dog Knee Brace To Help Your Dog Recover From A CCL / ACL Injury. Waterproof.
 Veterinarian Review  Adjustable. Comfortable. No Pressure On Achilles Tendon. Advanced Materials & Technology.
 Veterinarian Review  Patent Pending "Flexi-Shell" Frame Dramatically Reduces Irritation, Rubbing And Fit Problems.
 Veterinarian Review USA Custom Made By Experienced Orthotic Professionals Who Have Hand Crafted Well Over 1,000 Dog Knee Braces - We Don't Use Interns And/Or Trainees Another Western Dog Knee Uses.
 Veterinarian Review For Only $450, We Can Convert A Posh Brace To Fit The Other Rear Leg In Case Of An Eventual Bilateral Injury. A Posh Brace Exclusive.
 Veterinarian Review 1 - 2 Business Day Rush Service Available With USPS Overnight Mailing For $90 Extra (USA Only). You'll Have A Custom Posh Brace On Your Dog In As Little As 4 Days From When You Contact Us. No One Is That Fast!

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Does Your Vet Know About Dog Knee Braces
For Non-Surgical Recovery From Cruciate Injuries?
More Veterinarians Now Recommend Stifle Braces.

"There Is No Real Proof That Any Of These Surgeries Are Truly More Effective Than Non-Surgical Management." Source:

Learn Surgery Facts You Need To Know & Holistic Alternatives To Dog Knee Surgery.

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Even For Those Who Get CCL Surgery, The Protection Of  A Posh Brace Will:

 Veterinarian Review Substantially Reduce The Likelihood Of A Bilateral Injury - Which Is Caused By Many CCL Surgeries.
 Veterinarian Review Help A Dog Recover Faster From Surgery, (Which Is Why Most Human Orthopedic Surgeons Prescribe A Brace Post-Op For A Similar Ligament: ACL Surgery).
 Veterinarian Review Help Protect The Leg Post-Op From Re-injury, Thus Protecting The Considerable Surgical Investment.