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Quality FAQ's

Q: Are your dog knee braces individually custom crafted by experienced orthotic technicians?

Q: Are your dog braces flexible, comfortable and constructed to fit each leg?

Q: What is your state of the art quick connection and release system?

Q: What is the effective suppression of the “tibial trust”? - The core of the problem

Q: What is a double reinforced tamarack hinges and custom strut system?

Q: Is the dog knee brace waterproof?

Q: Is the dog knee brace Adjustable?

Q: Why do you say there is no vet needed, for casting or fitting?

Q: Do you use the best parts needed? And do you stand behind your product?

Q: We care for your dog, just like your dog was ours!

Q: Do you have a referral program?

Q: What is the price of a custom crafted posh dog knee brace?

Q: Are there other costs associated with getting a dog knee brace?

Q: How do I place an order to start helping my dog recover?

Q: Do you offer a discount if I ever need a second posh dog brace?

Q: How fast can you get a posh brace to me?

Q: How do you make a custom brace without a cast from my vet?

Q: Will a posh brace help my dog with a completely torn ligament?

Q: Should my dog wear the posh dog brace all day?

Q: Other companies require paying a vet to “fit” their braces. Do I have to pay a vet to fit a posh dog knee brace?

Q: How many months will my dog have to wear the posh brace?

Q: Will your dog stifle brace fit if my dog has atrophy or is growing?

Q: What is the turnaround time if my brace needs adjustments?

Q: What kind of follow up do you offer to each dog customer?

Q: What happens if my dog chews and damages the posh brace?

Q: What is the warranty for the posh brace?

Q: Is there a charge to cancel, once you’ve started the order process?

Q: 1. Does posh ortho dog offer refunds on one-of-a-kind custom made dog knee braces?

Q: Is the posh dog knee brace waterproof?

Q: What if I have a Skype or Facetime video appointment and I do not keep it?

Q: What if I do not send in the pictures we requested and do not do a video fitting call with my dog?

Q: What services does posh knee brace offer above and beyond the custom brace?

Q: What if I cannot do a video call?

Q: Does posh dog knee brace offer a “guarantee”?