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The Most Comfortable Dog Knee Brace For Dogs With A Torn CCL!

Let Your Dog Recover With Our Custom Dog Knee Brace!
We've Helped Thousands Of Dogs, Now We Want To Help Yours...  

The Posh Dog Knee Brace is a 100% custom Dog knee brace, hand made only for your Dog. We make our custom brace with no casting. Our state-of-the-art brace for Dogs is very durable, waterproof, sand proof, and easily adjustable by customers. Our Veterinary Technicians provide personal live video supervision of measuring, and fitting of your Dog ACL brace in the comfort of your own home.

With Posh Dog Knee Brace, your Dog will receive the personal attention of a dedicated Case Manager, who is a Veterinary Technician:

  1. With many years of experience 
  2. Who will provide highly personalized and compassionate care for your injured Dog
  3. Who has helped over 1,000 + dogs with cruciate injuries.

We know that your Dog means as much to you, as our beloved Pasha meant to us. We ship all over the USA, Canada, and around the world!

Dog Knee Brace

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Posh DOg Knee Brace

Our Custom Crafted Dog Knee Brace Is Much More Effective Than A Ready To Wear, Or A Soft Dog CCL Brace. The No-Casting Posh Dog Knee Brace: We Made The Cast, An "Ordeal" Of The Past.

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Flexible and adjustable brace conforms to your dog's leg

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Measured and fitted by our Vet Techs on live video call

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We invest over 11 hours helping your Dog to recover from a painful injury. Most Dog knee brace companies do not offer this. In 2013, our Beloved Golden, Pasha, fully recovered from a completely torn CCL, and severely damaged meniscus, with no surgery and a Posh Brace. We want to help your Dog do the same!

Custom-built Dog knee braces for your Dogs' leg are much more effective for healing a CCL injury than the cheaper "soft" and "ready to wear" braces. Before you invest in any brace for a torn ACL in Dogs, please review our detailed analysis of the important differences in quality, fit and customer service between Dog leg braces at our solutions page. You'll learn a lot!

Although A Custom Dog Knee Brace Is More Expensive Than The Cheaper Braces, It Is Much Less Expensive Than Surgery, With None Of The Expense, Pain, And Numerous Risks Surgery Causes. Wearing A Posh Brace Will Not Cause Infections, Sores, Or Drug Reactions (Often Fatal), Or Depression In Your Dog. Your Dog Begins To Walk And Enjoy Life Again And Recover Immediately.

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